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Osprey Porter

Travel pack

I’ve carried the Osprey Porter all around the world. I’m a fan of a travel pack instead of a backpack because you can unzip it like a suitcase. Digging through a backpack has become a major pet peeve in my life. I carried the Osprey 65 L for almost two years but recommend the smaller Osprey 46 L because you don’t need so much room!

Packing cubes

Packing cubes are the best! I was skeptical but have fallen in love with the fact that I can keep my clothes organized while traveling. Packing cubes are like drawers for your backpack. If you’re traveling long term don’t leave home without these little marvels. You can thank me later.

Packing cubes
Tiny travel speaker

Travel speaker

This tiny travel speaker has made a world of difference in our lives on the road. We hook it up to the computer when we are doing exercise videos so that we can hear the audio (hey, it is hard to stay in shape while traveling). We plug it in when we watch movies. We use it to listen to music in our hotel room. This speaker isn’t a necessity, but it is an inexpensive thing you can bring with you to make life more enjoyable.


This is probably pretty obvious, but an e-reader is an absolute necessity for a traveling bookworm like me. I can load thousands of books onto my Kindle and I only have to carry around one tiny little device. I love paperbacks as much as the next guy, but an e-reader is the way to go while traveling.

Travel underwear

Travel underwear

I was skeptical about spending money on fancy underwear. I mean, travel underwear?! But actually, I love my ExOfficio travel underwear (they aren’t paying me to say that). These underwear stand the test of time. You can wash them in the sink and they’re dry in a few hours. They pull moisture away from your body which is very much appreciated in places like SE Asia. Good travel underwear is worth every penny.

Hooded sweatshirt or light hooded

I live in this on the road. You don’t need this particular hoodie, obviously, but find a hooded sweatshirt or light hooded jacket that you love and bring it with you. I wear this thing on boats, planes, and breezy nights at the beach. I wear it hiking and out to dinner. I wear it everywhere.

Hooded sweatshirt
Sleep sack

Sleep sack

My sleep sack has saved me from dirty dorm beds, cold nights on airplane floors, and sleeper class on trains. It’s small, lightweight, and compact and, in my opinion, worth its weight in gold. Unless you’ll be staying in 4-star hotels while you travel, bring a sleep sack.

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