Life on Fire

Do you need encouragement and guidance to kickstart your dreams?

Are you looking for a game plan to help you get started?

Life on Fire was written for you.

Book by Kim Dinan: Life on Fire

Are you looking for a game plan to help you get started? — Life on Fire was written for you

Five years ago I was at a crossroads in my life. I had a good job and I lived in a wonderful city. I owned a house a car and a wardrobe full of clothes. By the looks of it, I was successful. But there was a deeper truth inside of me that cried out for something more.

I’d always dreamed of traveling the world and I wanted to write for a living. Instead, I’d built a life of spreadsheets, cubicles, and two weeks of vacation time. I was selling my life for a paycheck.

Deep down I knew that if I did not pursue my dreams some essential part of me would be lost forever. But I was terrified. My dreams felt impossible.

Still, I set out down the path toward my dreams. I had to. I did not know what I was doing. I groped through the darkness and hoped that the fears and resistance I faced were normal. I had no idea what to expect. I’d never met anyone who’d so completely rearranged their life.

It was a long and scary process but in May 2012 I finally left my home and 9-5 job behind to travel the world and write full-time. And I’m still going strong today. Along the way, I’ve learned some incredibly valuable lessons.

Life on Fire: A Step-By-Step Guide To Living Your Dreams is the book that I wish had been written when I set out to chase my biggest dreams.

What You’ll Learn in Life on Fire 

Identify what your dreams and passions are
Learn what to expect along the path to living your dreams
Simple and direct end-of-chapter exercises to help you incorporate the lessons of the book into your daily life
Develop a roadmap to following your dreams

A chapter-by-chapter look inside Life on Fire

Preamble: Defining the life of your dreams
To get what you want out of life you must first know what you want.
This chapter and the accompanying exercise will help you to create a realistic and vivid vision of a day in the life of your dreams.

Chapter 1: The Voice Inside
Do you often hear the voice of your soul speak? Do you listen to it?
This chapter will help you to connect to the voice in your soul that speaks to your true calling.

Chapter 2: What were you born to do?
Imagine that everyone on earth was born with a unique purpose. What is yours?
This chapter and the accompanying exercise will help you determine what you have been put here to do.

Chapter 3: Getting started
The first step towards your dream is always the hardest.
This chapter and the accompanying exercise will help you identify the first small steps that you can take to get started down the path to your dream.

Chapter 4: Noticing the Universe
The universe responds to the energy that you release into it and will send you signs to help you achieve your dreams.
This chapter and the accompanying exercise will help you to identify the signs as they appear in your life.

Chapter 5: Fear and Obstacles
Learning to handle fear and overcome obstacles is an inevitable part of chasing your dreams.
This chapter and the accompanying exercise will give you the tools to fight fear and tackle big and small obstacles as they appear on your path.

Chapter 6: Dealing with naysayers
Naysayers are people who try to dissuade you from following your dreams. They come in many forms and may even be close personal friends and family.
This chapter and the accompanying exercise will help you to identify and handle the naysayers in your life.

Chapter 7: Sacrifice
No big dream is ever accomplished without sacrifice.
This chapter and the accompanying exercise will help you to get a grip on the sorts of sacrifices you may be asked to make for your dream.

Chapter 8: Failure
What happens when you try and fail?
This chapter and the accompanying exercise will give you the tools you need to face the inevitable, and will even help you rethink your ideas of failure.

Chapter 9: Work like it means everything (because it does)
Hard work is a key component in reaching your dream.
This chapter outlines the importance of hard work but also highlights why you must take time out to play.

Chapter 10: You have the tools
You may not feel as though you have the skill or talent to accomplish your dream.
This chapter will help you organize your toolbox and teach you that you already have all of the tools you need to turn your dreams into reality.

Chapter 11: Identifying success
What does success look like and how will you know when you’ve reached it?
This chapter will help you pull together a clear vision of what success looks like in your own life.

Chapter 12: The evolution of your dream
As you walk the path of your dream your dream will morph and change. Dreams evolve, just as we do.
This chapter will explain the process of evolving dreams and lay out what you can expect as you get closer to achieving your biggest dreams.

Find out what readers are saying about Life on Fire

“I can’t remember the last time I’ve read a book that was so genuine, so spot-on, and so deeply true. Kim’s words had me highlighting passage after passage, crying and laughing and thinking, “YES! This is exactly true!” As someone who has a calling I know I must pursue, the words she’s written are both incredibly validating and deeply encouraging.”

Therese S.

“I loved this book. I devoured it in three hours and will now go back and work through the exercises at the end of each chapter. I found this book through the quit-your-job-to-travel-the-world blog community, but the genius of this book is that it applies to any dream, big or small. Kim’s writing is straightforward, funny, thoughtful, and feels like a conversation with your closest friend.”

– Gail

“I found the exercises very helpful. It made me think about things that I enjoyed doing as a child that I hadn’t thought about in a long time. It was a very easy read and can be finished in one day. This is a perfect book for someone who hasn’t quite figured out what their destiny is.”


“A wonderfully inspiring book about changing your thinking and living a life on fire! Everyone can live a more fulfilling life, no matter what the end game.”


“A wonderfully inspirational and informative book packed with real-life lessons, stories, and exercises about how to achieve your dreams and live the life that calls to you from your deepest soul.”

– Sarah C.

“I can’t tell you how much I wish I had a voice like yours when my husband and I decided to take a year off, move to Italy with our three small children, and live a life outside of our experience. There was so much negativity about our choice that came from the most unexpected places (friends, colleagues, and family) that it still amazes me that we went forward and followed our hearts. Your book and the exercises you offer provide both structure and inspiration, both of which are essential when breaking free of expectations. Your writing is warm, exuberant, and grounded in common sense. Most of all, it causes the reader to believe in the power of dreams while committing to the hard work that makes them come true. And your voice is truly distinctive.”

– Catherine, Pascarosa founder

“Amazingly honest and insightful, this book hit me to my core. I was in tears after reading the introduction. Kim went through exactly what I am experiencing right now and she made it out alive! Thank you Kim for sharing your journey and helping me navigate through my journey as well.”

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